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2014年11月19日 (水)

If beautiful blooms thoughts

Time over xiangxi greenhouses, through the long rain lane. Deep in the misty rain continuous flow. The wind rain, the wind falling love long, the rain soft fragrance. Miss placed a ray of moonlight, gently, the wind affectionate kiss my eyebrow bend, fall into your eyes, Lumiere in silence, not jing don't like between Ann quietly. Will be a permanent attachment in deep thoughts, words, and in this way, the heart, warm, loved...
Soft moonlight, the night spirit, and in the warmth of the night, I, miss you. But don't want to disturb you a shallow dream, like the curtains of water that rainy night under a panic the swift of homing. Miss you, but I don't want to disturb you a curtain, deep and remote dream like summer hot melt the cold of winter. Miss you, but I don't want to disturb you a pleasant and romantic dream, like drizzle met awoke the quiet of the night the wind. A proverb xinyu, theemotions to three thousand, a pile of acacia, touching the thoughts of the night.
How I want to, in a drizzle of dusk, you and I sit at my window, four eyes relative, affectionate hug to each other, gently touch your beautiful hair. Revel in the warmth of two feelings mutually yue. How I think, in a drizzle of dusk, I and you are in a cane, you lie in my arms, [said softly with words. How I want to, in a drizzle of dusk, touch and hold you and walk in the quiet alley, looked at each other smiling, joy ripples in my heart. How I think, in a drizzle of dusk, I write you poems in hand, quietly sitting on the sea beach, watching waves danced in the air, listen to the ebb and flow. I want to, want to ...
Quiet night, half a curved moon light diffuse. Miss, in every quiet night, listen to the breeze, colorful butterfly fly xuan. In this way, one after another night of storage for your thoughts, using it to support one another thinking of you during the day. Couldn't say for sure, what is your gentle face a scenery, let me sentimental fingertips gently into the miss. So you never saw, miss wings compose full of water, flowing into a bend light xiangxi, free alone in the night.
With time dependent, and keep a quiet zhiyuan, indeed, have a caring and moved. Miss ink with fall in love the night sky, acacia spread in every corner of the eyes to touch. Missed such as line connected to the heart dream, in time with deep light depth, listening to the wind and rain thing in the world, see purple life in suzhou. That layer cascade folds the thoughts in this season of flowers floating all over the sky, the stars I wish the moon every night, my dear, no matter what time, you look back Vio-la, I will stand behind you, never far away from your line of sight.

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